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The Museum of Zakynthos: is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building in the Dionysios Solomos square. The exhibits are about 600 and relating to the last stage of development of post-Byzantine painting and the starting point of Greek art.

Roma Mansion: Inside of the mansion, visitors can see furniture, a collection of family portraits, paintings, uniforms and weapons of the Roma family members and other historical objects as well. Additionally, the visitor can visit the rich library (over 10,000 titles), composed of very old and rare editions, starting from the 16th century until today.

The Milanio Maritime Museum: is located in Tsilivi. It includes watercolors that reveal all the development of shipping in Greece and contains a wide variety of Byzantine ships since the beginning of the Byzantine Empire until its destruction in 1453 by the Turks.

Museum St. Dionisios: In the building of the monastery of Strofades and St. Dionisios Church in Zakynthos city, has established since 1979 the ecclesiastical museum that containing relics of the monastery. The museum is housed in the ground floor hall of the main building of the monastery. There are also several art objects of silver and textiles.

Museum of Grigorios Xenopoulou housed in Faneromeni historic neighborhood. It was the house where the great Zakynthian writer lived and grew up.

Helmi Museum: The Museum of Natural History "Helmi" is the only museum of natural history in Zakynthos. The collections include modules of flora and fauna of the Zakynthian nature.

Last but not least there is the Occupation Museum and National Resistance and the Museum of Dionysios Solomos and Distinguished Zakynthian.